Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Students

The Pre-Professional (P3) Conservatory is an environment where students come to prepare themselves for the collegiate and professional arena.
At P3, we truly believe that we are training the next generation of artist that will revolutionize this industry!



Students will take small group classes that focus on important acting fundamentals and techniques such as Stanislavski, Hagen, Chubbuck, Shurtleff and more! During the year there will also be opportunities to learn from guest artist and specialty workshops.


P3 students will take a variety of dance classes such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Choreography concepts. Students will be placed in class based on skill level. During the year there will also be opportunities to learn from guest artist and specialty workshops.


At P3, students will dig deep into their vocals studies with classes like music theory and acting through song. Students will also work in small group ensembles and learn not only how to sing but the science of how the voice works and vocal health.


Tuition is $5750 for the year broken into 10 payments of $575.00. This works out to be approximately $7.81 per classroom hour.


Students will commit Monday-Wednesday-Friday of each week to their training at P3 for 6-8 hours a day. The program is 10 months long running August -May of each school year.


Students at P3 have a variety of options available to them. Some students decide to do a regular home-school program while others attend flexible private schools such as Rivers Academy.We even have students that attend P3 while being enrolled in the “Move On When Ready” program offered through the public school system. We are happy to sit down with you and your family to discuss your options.

Why should you attend P3?

Do you have a passion for performing? Do you see yourself pursuing a performing arts field in college and beyond? P3 is the perfect environment to give you the specialized training you need to be a well rounded artist. Our students train in every area of the performing arts. That means that you will get training in acting, dance and voice. In addition, you will have access to guest artist and specialty workshops and trips. Students will also go through mock auditions in all areas, lectures on nutrition, handling stress, resume writing, time management, and other pertinent topics as well as in-depth college planning skills. P3 is a rigorous but safe place for artist to grow and flourish!


Class Structure by Year

  • 8th Grade

  • Freshman

  • Sophomore

  • Junior

  • Senior/GAP


P3 students are exposed to some of the best guest artist in the industry. We bring people from every area of the performing arts to teach and pour into our students, as to make sure that they are gaiing as music training as possible in every discipline. Here are just a few of the guest artist that The Performer’s Warehouse has hosted:
Dave Clemmons (Audition Coach/Broadway Casting Director), David Rosetti (Choreographer),Adam Pelty (Audition Prep/Broadway Vet), Nikki Snelson (Choreographer/Broadway Performer), RAab Stevenson (Vocal Stylizing), Greg Hellems (College Audition/Wright State University), Shane Adams (Song Writing), Tyler Haynes (Choreographer),
and MORE!!

"A young artist needs to focus on building technique as much, if not more than building a resume. The better an actors skill set, the more competitive they will be. A resume only indicates opportunities and experience, but doesn't always translate into technical proficiency. A performance opportunity is not the best way to build a practice and technique, training is. "

− Greg Hellems Prof. of Musical Theatre @ Wright State University

"I've spent my entire high school career at P3 and I am so so thankful for every moment of it. I've grown not only as an artist, but as a person and I've developed relationships with the other students that I will have for the rest of my life. In addition, every teacher is loving and supportive and we truly are one big happy family. Some days it's hard, but I have gained so much new knowledge and perspective and respect for my art and I wouldn't trade that for the world. P3 has prepared me for college auditions, and then even more importantly to be able to succeed in college. It has taught me to love to work and that will make all the difference when I one day pursue musical theatre professionally. "

− Alexis Yard, P3 Student

"The teachers at PW not only gave me the training I needed to succeed, but they provided me a safe place to land."

− Maddie Cantie, P3 Alumni

"The Performers Warehouse has guided me as an artist and performer. I have learned to work hard on my technique, but also how to be an individual. The teachers at PW taught me that I have something irreplaceable and completely ME to offer. I would not have been able to make it through college auditions without their training and their encouraging advice! I was taught dancing, acting, and vocal training, but also taught how to make connections and navigate the industry. The teachers gave me incredible information about my craft and gave me love and support. Thank you Performers Warehouse for helping me achieve all that strive to be."

− Chloe Campbell, P3 Alumni