Private Lessons

Every student is different and so are their dreams and aspiration. Here at The Performer’s Warehouse, we want to give every student the desired environment that they want to learn from, so we offer private instruction. You may choose from any of our instructors below to help you shape your career. Some students just need help for an upcoming audition while other seek weekly lessons to help build their foundation. Each of our instructors offer their students a safe and encouraging place to learn and grow and years of training and expertise as well. No matter what you are looking for, we have it. Feel free to select from any of our instructors below and get ready to grow as an artist!

Private Instructors:

Dianne Sleek

60 min-Acting/Audition Prep

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Michelle Evans

30/60 min- Acting/Audition Prep

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Camiah Mingorance


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Jenn Loudermilk

30/60 min- Voice

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Sharon Druzbanski

60 min- Dance

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Eddie Estrada


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Robert Paul Russell

30/60 min-Piano

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"Camiah Mingorance is the best of the best. Not only does she care about her students’ gifts, but she cares about them as people. I believe having someone like that has great influence of the progress of a student. She lovingly pushes to show students how much farther they can go. She believes in students wholeheartedly. She is very educated but meets students where they are to help them understand her teachings. And she’s just so much fun to be around. She has made me a better, healthier singer. She has made me a better, healthier person."

− T’Arica Crawford

"The teachers at PW not only gave me the training I needed to succeed,but they provided me a safe place to land."

− Maddie Cantie, P3 student

"The Performers Warehouse has guided me as an artist and performer. I have learned to work hard on my technique, but also how to be an individual. The teachers at PW taught me that I have something irreplaceable and completely ME to offer. I would not have been able to make it through college auditions without their training and their encouraging advice! I was taught dancing, acting, and vocal training, but also taught how to make connections and navigate the industry. The teachers gave me incredible information about my craft and gave me love and support. Thank you Performers Warehouse for helping me achieve all that strive to be."

− Chloe Campbell, P3 Student