The Performer’s Warehouse Launches Summer Musical Theatre Boot Camps ages 4 -13. No experience necessary and experience welcomed. Come in on Monday and perform a beloved children’s classic story in our Black Box Space on Saturday.

Weekly Breakdown:

  • MONDAY: Introductions, Stage Directions, Stage Terms, Blocking Short hand, Auditions, Casting and Costuming determined while children get introduced to Improv Games.
    Children go home knowing their role and what is needed for costume pieces.
  • TUESDAY: Receive scripts, Read thru, Block Entire Show.
  • WEDNESDAY: Music and Choreography. If time, run entire show. (All costume pieces due)
  • THURSDAY: Set Lights – Cue to Cue. Run Show with lights and mics.
  • FRIDAY: 1 run through then hair starts. Lunch. Make Up starts. Individual pictures, then run show with lights, costumes, hair, makeup, mics.
  • SATURDAY: 10 am call time Performance(s) to follow.

Intern Opportunities: 15-18 year olds:

  • Work with the Director a help facilitate camps.
    • Run Improv Games
    • Help with learning blocking, dances and songs
    • Some help with casting and costuming
    • Some help with makeup application
  • Great training for learning how to run a youth theatre program.