The Performer’s Warehouse

The idea of The Performer’s Warehouse originated with several highly trained professional teachers in performing arts who wanted a centralized location in which to house their professional talents and strengths. They wanted a place that would focus on all aspects of training and technique in the performing arts including dance, voice, acting, piano, musical theatre, song writing, auditions, college preparation, college scholarships, resumes, career insight, public speaking, character/confidence building as well as parent information workshops.

Although there are many performing arts companies in the Atlanta area, there are few that are strictly a training facility for the child or youth who has an interest and possible talent in performing arts.  For example, the student will learn basic and advanced dance technique for any current and long term goals that the student has whether the goals are physical, or for any show in which the student is involved, or for audition preparation.

In other words, the focus of The Performer’s Warehouse is the student, not the studio.  It is a place for both the young and the older student to grow, learn, shine, share, cry, laugh, fail, and ultimately succeed.  It is their warehouse.  For that reason, the name is The Performer’s Warehouse.  The focus is to grow the student, not the business.  The business will grow as the students grow.

The Performer’s Warehouse will house only professional teachers who have the same student centered goals.  Some teachers will keep their autonomy; others will be employees.  This will be determined by the principals, the teachers, and the types of classes offered.

Training in the performing arts is very time consuming.  With a warehouse concept which offers high level training in dance, voice, and acting, the parents and the students will save valuable time that they now spend driving from place to place day after day.

Training in the performing arts is also very expensive which prohibits many kids from even participating.  The Performer’s Warehouse wants to provide full and partial scholarships when possible to kids who have the drive, determination, and dedication, yet cannot afford the training.


Performer’s Warehouse Productions

Performer’s Warehouse Productions was developed out of a desire to produce performance opportunities for our current and future students, community members and professional actors. PWP is dedicated to creating not only large Broadway-style shows but also small intimate performances. We will make every effort to give every performer a place to showcase their talents and abilities and demonstrate their training and passion in front of an audience.

Performer’s Warehouse Productions will hire only professional directors, choreographers, musical directors and other artistic team members, that share in the vision of PWP. We will produce each show in a professional environment and hold our artistic team and performers to industry standards. We will also create an atmosphere where creativity is cultivated and respect and humility are bred. PWP will be a theatre company where all are welcomed,invited and have a safe place to land!